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Account Owner

Transferring account ownership will give employer admin authority to whomever is listed as the Account Owner. Account owners oversee all employer settings as well as employee activity in BerniePortal.

The current Account Owner will be listed under the "Account Owner" area of the "Account" tab.

Change happens, and it's important to keep BerniePortal up to date. To change the Account Owner:
  1. Select the "Account" dropdown. 

  2. Select “Transfer Account Ownership.”

  3. Use the search function to search employees within your employer to assign them as the account owner. 
  4. Select the desired employee’s name, and select “Save Changes.”

  5. Select "Save Changes" as shown in the below prompt. 

1. If an employee is already assigned as a Feature Admin, they cannot be added as the account owner, and will not display in the “Transfer Account Ownership” modal.
2. Only one employer admin is permitted at a time, however, other employees may be added as Feature Admins that have specific feature-based capabilities. 

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