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To Do - Assign Managers

The To Do list on your admin home screen keeps you up to date on tasks requiring admin attention, usually involving the approval of employee requests and or other actions necessary for admin review.

Use the dropdown menu for each To Do list header to view a list of actionable items requiring your attention. The number of outstanding items show in the blue bubble to the right of each category.

To complete an action, just click the dropdown arrow of any To Do category, and then click on an item in the list.


Assign Managers:
Employees that have not been assigned a manager in BerniePortal will appear in this category. 

Simply click the prompt under the dropdown to be taken to the “Assign Managers” module in BerniePortal where you can easily assign managers to a single employee or multiple employees at once. Check out this article to learn more about how to mass assign managers in BerniePortal. 

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