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Time Tab - Employee Profile

View an employee’s timesheets, approve/deny time edit requests, and view/edit their assigned time approvers under the “Time” tab. 

To Add a Time Approver:
  1. Select the "Employees" tab from the top navigation menu. 
  2. Select an employee's name to access their profile.
  3. Select "Time" from the employee's navigation menu, then select "Approvers."

  4. Enter the approver's name in the "Add a New Time Approver" field, select it when it appears, then select "Add."
  5. The listed Time Approver will now have the ability to view the designated employee’s time sheets and approve time edits.
  6. Multiple Time Approvers can be added per employee. 
  7. Time Approvers can be removed by hovering over the action wheel next to their name and selecting “Remove.”

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