Mass Update - Employee Demographics

Mass Update - Employee Demographics

The "Mass Update" feature allows you to update employee demographic information via spreadsheet, allowing you to efficiently update the demographics for multiple employees at once. 

The "Mass Update" feature allows you to update the below data:
  1. Employee ID
  2. Employee Street Address
  3. Employee City
  4. Employee State 
  5. Employee Zip Code
To mass update employee demographics via spreadsheet:
  1. Navigate to the "Employees" tab. 
  2. Select "Mass Update" in the secondary navigation menu.

  3. Select "Mass Update."

  4. Select "Download" to download the Mass Update spreadsheet template. 

  5. Columns 'A' through 'C' are required to update employee salary information. Columns 'G' through 'K' are optional.
  6. Once the spreadsheet is ready for upload, select "Choose File" to upload the template, then select "Import."

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