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Subgroups - Managing and Mass Assigning

In the Subgroups area, you can manage existing subgroups, add subgroups, and mass assign/move employee subgroups. The "Subgroups" area is accessed by selecting the "Account" dropdown, then "Subgroups."

To edit subgroup names:

  1. Hover over the action wheel for any existing subgroup.
  2. Select “View/Edit.”
  3. Enter the new subgroup name, then select “Save.”

To create a new subgroup:

  1. Select “Add New Subgroup.”

  2. Use the dropdown menu to select where the new subgroup will be used. 

  3. Enter the subgroup name in the text field.
  4. Select "Add."

To remove a subgroup:

  1. Hover over the action wheel for the subgroup you'd like to remove. 
  2. Select "Delete."

  3. Use the dropdown to determine if employees in the deleted subgroup should all be moved to the same subgroup, or different subgroups.
    1. If all employees should be moved to the same subgroup, select the subgroup in the second dropdown. 

    2. If employees should be moved to different subgroups, use the dropdown next to each employee to re-assign their subgroups individually.

To mass assign/move employee subgroups:

  1. Select "Assign/Move Employees."

  2. Select the subgroup type from the dropdown menu.

  3. Select a subgroup, for example, the "Employees" subgroup under "Benefits."

  4. On the right, select the subgroup employees should be moved to. 
  5. Select the employees from the listing in the left column, then use the arrow to move them to the appropriate subgroup. 

  6. If you are moving employees into a Benefits subgroup from a "Not Assigned" Benefits subgroup, select the date of change. Note: the employee's benefits eligibility rules (waiting periods) are applied to the date selected.

  7. Select "I'm Done" when complete. 
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