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It's important for employees to know how to log in to BerniePortal. An employee’s initial username and password depend on how they were added to BerniePortal. 

Employees can be added to BerniePortal several different ways, listed below:
  1. Via census with an email
  2. Via census without an email
  3. Onboarded as a new hire with an email 
  4. Onboarded as a new hire without an email

See below for initial login instructions based on how an employee was added to BerniePortal. 

Via census with an email:

  1. Employees should navigate to https://app.bernieportal.com/en/login 
  2. Username: Employee’s email address uploaded on the census.
  3. Password: Last 4 digits of the employee’s SSN and the two digits of their birth month.
  1. For example: Last 4 digits of SSN is "1234" and birth month is June; password is "123406."

Via census without an email:

  1. Employees should navigate to https://app.bernieportal.com/en/login and select “Login with employer code”
  2. 2 Digit Code: This will be the two digits of their birth month. For example, an employee born in June would enter “06.”
  3. 4 Digit Code: This will be the last 4 digits of their SSN.
  4. Employer Code: Each employer in BerniePortal has a unique “Employer Code” which can be found under the “Account” area of the admin account.

Onboarded as a new hire with an email:

  1. Once onboarded, the employee will receive an email directly from BerniePortal.
  2. The employee should follow the link in the email to activate their account.
  3. During the account activation process, the employee will be prompted to set up their BerniePortal password that will be used to login going forward.
  4. Their email address will be their username, however, the employee can change this under their “Account” area.

Onboarded as a new hire without an email:
  1. Once onboarded, a PDF will download containing login instructions for the new employee. 
  1. To re-download, hover over the employee’s action wheel in the “Employee” list and select “Re-download PDF.”
  1. This PDF should be provided to the employee, and the employee can follow the instructions to set their account up. 
  2. Once logged in, the employee will be prompted to create a username and password.

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