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Info Tab - Employee Profile

To access an employee’s profile, select their name from the “Employee” list. 

The “Info” tab houses personal and contact info, as well as subgroup assignment and other employee details. Use the blue hyperlinks under the profile picture to toggle to different categories and manage employee information. Edit employee information fields by hovering over the action wheel in the top right of their profile.


Personal Info:

The "Personal Info" tab houses an employee's personal information such as SSN, date of birth, and assigned manager. 

Contact Info:
The "Contact Info" tab houses all current contact and address information for an employee.

Other Info:

The "Other Info" tab houses employment information such as hire date, salary and hire type.

Subgroups allow BerniePortal to correctly organize and categorize employees. For example, say that benefit offerings vary between employees based on their status (managers, full time, part time). Subgroups help you define those groupings to ensure that every employee receives the correct benefit offerings. An employee must be assigned to a subgroup either at the point of onboarding or at a later date in their employee profile in order to participate in the respective feature.

Subgroups can be changed using the action wheel to the right of each subgroup type. Changing an employee's "Benefits" subgroup will move them into the "Awaiting Elections" status. 

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