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How to Edit an Existing Plan

If you need to make a change to an existing benefit, just select the plan from your “Plans” list in the “Benefits” tab. 
  1. Changes can be made to the plan’s basic information and premiums.
  2. If a plan’s premiums or settings are changed after it has been attached to a Benefits Subgroup, you will need to save the changes in the “Subgroups” area as well.
  1. BerniePortal will display a green message banner at the top of your screen reminding you to save the subgroup area.
  2. Click the Subgroup name shown in Blue to navigate to the subgroup that was impacted by the change. 
  3. If the change made to the plan impacts employee deductions or employer contributions, make the necessary updates to the contributions for the plan.
  4. Select “Save” at the bottom of the screen. You’ll know your change has been saved in the subgroup when the green banner is no longer displayed. 

BernieTip: If employees have already enrolled in the affected plan, they will need to be re-enrolled to reflect the plan change. 

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