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Editing Personal and Demographic Information - Employee

Employees can change their personal and contact information in BerniePortal anytime. After all, it's best practice to keep BerniePortal up to date!


Under the “Account” area, employees have the ability to view and edit their personal info, contact info, profile photo, and password.

Personal Info:

Employees can ensure all personal information is up to date including name, SSN, Gender, DOB, and language preference under the “Personal Info” tab. 

Contact Info:

Employees can view and edit their permanent address here, as well as email addresses and phone number.

Profile Photo: 

Adding a profile picture personalizes an employee’s BerniePortal account. Employees can snap a new profile picture with their webcam or upload an existing photo from their computer.


To change/add a profile photo:

  1. Hover over the profile photo area and select “Update Picture”.

  2. Employees can click “Take photo with webcam” or “Upload a photo” and follow the instructions.

Change Password:

Employees can change their BerniePortal password here under “Change Password.” Admins masquerading as an employee have the same access to change an employee’s password on their behalf. 

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