Employee Eligibility Report - Knowledge Base | BerniePortal


The "Eligibility" report:
  1. Is useful for pulling employee eligibility status for a particular benefit. The report also requires a specific month to look for eligibility results.
  2. Includes: Employee total clocked hours, hours broken up by regular vs. overtime, and used PTO hours.
How to Generate an "Eligibility" Report:
  1. Select "Eligibility" from the Standard Reports listing. 
  2. Select the Subgroups that correspond to the data needed.
  3. Select the Benefit Types that corresponds to the data needed.
  4. Select whether or not you'd like to include Dependent Info on the report.
  5. Select the month that correspond to the data needed.
  1. Enter the email address to indicate the contact that will receive the report. 

  2. The designated contact will receive an email to download the report.