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Adding a Single New Hire

Whether adding a new hire directly into the "Employees" list or onboarding a candidate who was hired in the "Applicant Tracking" feature, adding employees to BerniePortal is as easy as filling out a single form. Some of this information may already be filled out if they have an existing BerniePortal account and are being hired via the "Applicant Tracking" feature.

How to add a new employee to BerniePortal:
  1. Navigate to the “Employees” tab in the top black navigation menu.
  2. Click the “Add” button in the top right corner.

  3. Select “Onboard/New Hire.”
  5. Login:
    1. If the employee has an email address you’d like associated with the account, select “Yes.” If not, select “No.”
      1. If adding an email, the employee will receive an email at that address containing login instructions.

      2. If no email is added, a PDF with instructions will generate and download after completing the required information. This should be provided to the employee so they can set up their BerniePortal account. 

  6. Info:
    1. Enter the employee’s first and last name.
    2. If the employee has a manager, enter the manager’s name in the “Manager” field, and select the name from the dropdown when it appears. 
      1. NOTE: If the manager does not have an employee account in BerniePortal, they cannot be assigned as a manager. 
    3. Enter the employee’s job title. 
  7. Payroll:
    1. Enter the employee’s hire date by clicking the calendar icon and selecting the date.
    2. Select the Employee Type - Full Time or Part Time. 
    3. Adjust the Employee ID (if desired)
      1. Employee IDs auto generate in BerniePortal.
      2. If the employee already has an established employee ID with the employer, this can be adjusted. 
    4. Enter the employee’s salary and select “Per Year” or “Per Hour.”
    5. Select the employee’s Overtime Exemption.
    6. Select the employee’s Overtime Factor.
    7. Select the employee’s Hire Type - W2, 1099, K-1, or Test.
    8. Enter the employee’s expected hours per week. 

  8. Subgroups:
    1. Select the employee’s subgroup for all sections listed.

  9. Documents (if enabled)
    1. Assign the desired onboarding documents to the employee by selecting the form from each dropdown listed. 
    2. To un-assign a form, select “None” from the dropdown for that form.

  10. Checklist (if enabled)
    1. Assign the desired checklist to the employee by selecting the checklist from the dropdown. 
    2. To un-assign a checklist, select “None” from the dropdown.

  11. Select “Submit and Send” and the employee will now appear in your "Employees" listing.

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