Mobile App Upgrades

Mobile App Upgrades

I think it would be very helpful for your clients to have a mobile app that offers additional features other than clocking in and out. I moved from BambooHR to Bernie and it's subpar to what other apps offer and I think there is a lot of potential to make improvements to the app in general.

Mobile App - most people use them now for clocking in, clocking out, requesting time off, viewing paystubs, using a directory to call/text/email employees directly from the app. All of these features are available in other programs and I am sad that this isn't currently offered. 

Calendar for everyone to view for Birthday's and Anniversary's - open it up for all to see not just feature admins

Notes section to be able to type in notes in an employees profile rather than having to upload a word or pdf document.  

It seems like this system isn't up to date with what is available now. It seems like we are having to go into several windows or take additional steps to input information into the system rather than it being able to upload documents or photos from multiple sources.

Use the mobile app to be able to allow for employees to take a photo of their license and upload it to their personnel files.  That should be available.